Corporate Creed

Sincerity and Creation

Management Philosophy

  • Contributing to Society

    We contribute to the development of a prosperous society by promoting information technology utilizing computer systems.

  • Advanced Customer Service

    We always respond to the needs of the customer in a timely manner. Furthermore, we build reliable relationships of trust with our customers by providing optimal solutions and improving our services.

  • Sharing Value

    Through sound corporate activities, we strive to create an environment where employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and enjoy a stage in their lives that is full of happiness, all while sharing our value with our stockholders.

Top Message

Ryoji KoshimizuRepresentative Director Ryoji Koshimizu

With the dazzling speed of information technology development in recent years, creating new value and strengthening competitiveness utilizing such technology have become important challenges for companies of all types and sizes.

Our company was founded in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1980. Our primary business focused on installing and providing support for office computers used for corporate office tasks. Over the forty years that followed, we continued to take on challenges including learning about new technologies like IoT, cloud technology, and AI as we kept up with the current trends and the needs of customers in order to provide flexible solutions by making the most of our position as a free and independent company with unique ideas. We are headquartered in Kanazawa, and are actively expanding our enterprise in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Silicon Valley.

The environment and technologies that surround us have changed significantly, but our mission—to support our customers’ businesses through information technology—is still the same as it was at our founding, and our passion for contributing to the development of a prosperous society by providing services remains unchanged.

As an organization of IT professionals, we will continue to contribute to the growth of our customers’ businesses as we incorporate state-of-the-art services and technologies.

We are grateful for your continued support.

Company Outline

System Support Inc. (STS)
9F Rifare, 1-5-2 Honmachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture
January 1980
723 million yen
Net Sales
19,267 million yen (FY2023/6, consolidated)
Account Closing Month
Representative Director: Ryoji Koshimizu
Senior Managing Director: Kenji Suzuki
Senior Managing Director: Mitsuru Noto
Director: Naoyuki Morita
Director Audit & Supervisory Committee Member: Kenji Takai
Director Audit & Supervisory Committee Member*: Kunio Hirosaki
Director Audit & Supervisory Committee Member*: Sayo Asou
Director Audit & Supervisory Committee Member*: Yuko Sakamoto
Director Audit & Supervisory Committee Member*: Yoshiko Hayakawa
* Outside directors in accordance with the law
Number of Employees
1,137 (As of June 2023)
Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kanazawa
Listed Market
Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Certification / Licensing
Worker Dispatch Business 派17-300039
ISO/IEC 27001(ISMS) Certification (JQA-IM0941)

Business Overview

We use ICT to develop services that support your business.


  • Company founded in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Nagoya Office (currently Nagoya Branch Office) opened
  • Tokyo Office (currently Tokyo Branch Office) opened
  • Honorable mention received for the Ishikawa Venture Award
  • eNet Solutions Co., Ltd. financed and founded
  • Entered an Oracle EBS Technical Partner contract with Oracle Corporation Japan
  • Osaka Office (currently Osaka Branch Office) opened
  • Commenced sales of “Tate Yakusha®,” a construction work information management system
  • STS Medic Inc. financed and founded
  • Acquired shares of T4C Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary
  • Acquired ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS) certification at the head office and Osaka office
  • Entered a SAP Service Partner contract with SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired shares of ACROSS Solutions, Inc. and made it a subsidiary
  • STS Innovation, Inc. financed and founded in California, USA
  • Entered an APN Consulting Partner contract with Amazon Japan K.K.
  • Acquired ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS) certification company-wide
  • Acquired additional shares of T4C Co., Ltd. and ACROSS Solutions, Inc. and made them wholly-owned subsidiaries
  • Entered a PartnerNow Master Terms with ServiceNow Nederland B.V.
  • STS Innovation Canada, Inc. financed and founded in Vancouver, Canada
  • Commenced sales of the cloud-based shift management system “SHIFTEE®”
  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index
  • Commenced sales of the attendance/work management system “Shugyo Yakusha®”
  • Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Entered a Google Cloud & Google for Education Commercial Partner Program Agreement with Google Cloud Japan G.K.
  • Entered a Subcontractor Agreement with Automation Anywhere, Inc.
  • Entered a Celonis Partner Program Agreement with CELONIS K.K.
  • Listed market changed to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
  • STS DIGITAL, Inc. financed and founded

Organization Name

Organization Name

Solution Services

  • System Consulting/Direction Services

    Regarding IT strategies that support our customers’ business strategies and help them grow their businesses, we conduct administrative, business, and needs analyses and provide consulting aimed at problem solving.

  • System Integration Services

    From planning, development through to operation, we work on all areas of the information systems that support our customer’s businesses for a wide range of industries and business tasks.

  • IT Task Support Services

    Regarding systems already in operation, we provide services such as user guidance, IT education, a help desk, and vendor control to enable the managers and users in departments using the systems to use them more effectively.

  • ERP Solutions

    ERP is a package system for centrally managing the core business operations of a company such as human resources, accounting, and sales. We provide a range of services from installation consulting to upgrade, maintenance and operation support.

  • Oracle Solutions

    We provide services such as database consulting, design, construction, migration, and maintenance for Oracle.

  • Cloud Solutions

    We provide support to companies for implementing a variety of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and migrating existing systems to the cloud.

  • ServiceNow Solutions

    We provide support for implementing and using ServiceNow, a SaaS service management platform, for business development.

  • RPA Solutions

    Automation of routine tasks using software We help companies to eliminate labor shortages and reform work styles.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

    We build IT platforms using a combination of products and solutions with a focus on cost-efficient storage.

  • Virtualization Solutions

    We use IT resources efficiently to implement IT platforms that respond quickly to changes in the business environment.

  • Work Flow Solutions

    We provide solutions for digitizing and automating internal procedures and documents such as travel expense settlement, time management and approval decisions to facilitate and increase the efficiency of work tasks.

  • Outsourcing Services

    We offer specialized services to match the needs of the customer for their daily tasks as well as provide support and help operate new, developing businesses.


Born from the ideas of our employees, we develop and provide our own unique services including "SHIFTEE®", a cloud-based shift management system, and "Tate Yakusha®", a system that over five-hundred construction companies nationwide have adopted.

  • Construction work information management system “Tate Yakusha®”
  • Attendance/work management system “Shugyo Yakusha®”
  • Cloud-based shift management system “SHIFTEE®”
  • Software that enables voice operation/input “Voicetant Writer®”, “Voicetant Recorder®”
  • Cloud-based DWH Solution “SmartDWH”
  • Customer Information Mapping Service “PinMap®”
  • Mobile Order Reception System “MOS” (by ACROSS Solutions)
  • Security check system for safely connecting external devices “PC Keneki Kenchikun”
  • Next-generation data analysis platform using Google Cloud “ADDPLAT”
  • Food inventory management system for restaurants “Smart Rabbit”

Group Companies

  • eNet Solutions Co., Ltd.

    eNet Solutions Co., Ltd. provides a wide variety of solution services from domestic data centers with complete facilities.

  • T4C Co., Ltd.

    T4C Co., Ltd. provides ERP solution services in a diverse range of fields including sales, inventory management, purchasing, and human resources, with a focus on the accounting field.

  • STS Medic Inc.

    STS Medic Inc. provides solution services with a focus on software development and sales of systems related to medical information.

  • ACROSS Solutions, Inc.

    ACROSS Solutions, Inc. provides ICT solution services specialized for the distribution industry that utilize mobile ordering packages and e-commerce systems.


    STS DIGITAL, Inc. provides comprehensive digital solutions to spread value to the world, including PR, customer acquisition support, and media strategies.

  • STS Innovation, Inc.

    Based in Silicon Valley, STS Innovation, Inc. provide services such as personnel recruitment and system consulting. STS Innovation, Inc. also publishes the U.S.-based Japanese-language periodical and website U.S. FrontLine.

  • STS Innovation Canada Inc.

    Based in Vancouver, STS Innovation Canada Inc. provide business process outsourcing services for administrative tasks including accounting, payroll accounting and human resources, primarily to Japanese companies in North America.

Investor Relations